The French Connection at Arsenal just got a little stronger today.  The North London club has further cemented its relationship with Citroen as it announced the French manufacturer now teaches Arsenal’s youngsters advanced driving skills.

Arsenal are considered one of the most professionally run clubs in the world and it appears they now want their youngsters to be as talented and spatially aware on the roads as they are on the pitch.  This new slightly cheesy named “How To Take Corners” scheme is a collaboration between Arsenal’s Neil Banford (Reserve Team Coach) and the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) to develop player awareness and safety behind the wheel.

Given these young players may turn out to become indispensible multi-million pound assets, it makes sense to train the players to be as protected as possible when behind the wheel of their vehicles.  This is something the 1st team manager Arsene Wenger agrees with:

As a club we invest a lot of time in to the education of our players. We can help shape these young players’ careers, and continuing their development off the pitch is equally important to us.  We’re grateful for the time Citroën have spent getting behind this project and know the players will benefit.

The combination of a large disposable income and youthful exuberance means these young sportsmen can often find themselves getting into scrapes in their high performance vehicles, so this seems a smart scheme that will benefit everyone involved.

After first team striker Nicklas Bendtner’s recent escape from an accident in his Aston Martin, it’s perhaps not just the youngsters at Arsenal who could do with an extra bit of road awareness training.

Check out some of the advanced tuition scheme in action now on SkiddPlayer.