JCB is renowned worldwide for its construction and agriculture products, but young George Bamford has taken the family name into the world of design and photography. His 2006 and 2007 JCB Calendars were award winners and now for 2013 he’s produced a ‘ of the interesting juxtaposition between cold hard engineering and the soft, sensuous female form.’ Erm, quite.

Clothed in the company’s unique colour, the models, including Rosie Jones pose provocatively amongst the company’s machinery along the fantasy catwalks in JCB’s factories. The resulting images are without a doubt stunning, but also highlight the technical excellence of JCB’s… Hold on. Who are we kidding? Did you notice any machinery in these images?

The project took 12 months to complete and included digital artist Stuart Reeves, art director Steve Brazier and George Bamford, who composed the images. The 2013 calendar uses some of the latest digital imagery techniques, capturing the paint which coats itself seductively over the girls, creating unique and exciting garments.

“I have been fascinated by the possibilities of fluid on fashion, taking the colourful hues we take for granted on vehicles and moulding them to the human form. The results are fantastic! Beautiful models wrapped sumptuously in swirls of rich JCB yellow, displaying a dynamic female confidence in a striking factory setting. An exquisite combination!” Said Bamford.

The 2013 JCB calendar is available to order now from the company’s website and if you ask nicely, they’ll deliver it in a brown paper bag.

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