To mark their return to world rallying in 2013, Volkswagen together with Jacky Icyx have set out on a quest to find a successor to the great Franc Riemère, a world class helmet holder from the 1970s and an unsung hero of international motorsport.

Motorsport legend Icyx looks back at the precocious talent of Riemère, who elevated the level of helmet holding to 1.12 metres, discovering the perfect number of steps and ideal 15 degree angle of delivery. It’s the details that count and the perfect timing of each individual move which was immortalised in the Riemère weave.

You’ll remember in the 70s when Riemère took the art of helmet holding to new levels, and in his turn became an international superstar.

But that was many years ago. Riemère has since retired and his unparalleled talent all but forgotten by the racing world, but for Volkswagen’s comeback with the new Polo R WRC Icyx has managed to persuade Riemère out of retirement and suddenly it’s as if he’s never been away.

  • VW-PoloRWRC-HelmetHolder-Comp-G5
  • VW-PoloRWRC-HelmetHolder-Comp-G6

But chronic helmet-arm forces Riemère to repeatedly take time off, so he must look for a successor and find someone to fill this critical role in the Volkswagen Rally team.

Volkswagen has opened the position up to anyone visiting the website, where you can compete for the chance to join the team at the WRC Rally Monte Carlo in January.

For three days, you’ll become part of Volkswagen Motorsport history, and a member of the Volkswagen Rally the World Team. You’ll enjoy full VIP status including a five-star hotel in the Principality, take a helicopter to Col di Torino for the famous “Night of the Long Knives” spectacle and meet the drivers and team members as a true insider.

With a bit of luck, you might even meet Franc.

To enter the competition, visit the Volkswagen Rally Team site.