In a move that a Land Rover spokesperson describes as ‘on a par’ with other innovations such as Hill Descent Control (HDC), Active Cornering Enhancement (ACE) and its Stability Under Controlled Kinaesthetic Response System (SUCKRS), the company unveiled this morning a novel piece of technology in response to the recent change in tax disc legislation.

If you do not know by now, you should be aware of a new piece of legislation that instructs that “your tax disc must be displayed within parameters that do not exceed 20 degrees.” This is due to increased levels of RNS (Repetitive Neck Strain) sustained by Traffic Enforcement officers while trying to read tax discs of vehicles parked at awkward angles. RNS can be a life-altering injury, cause excessive journey’s to hospital and cost the National Health Service many hundreds of pounds each year in treatment.

To help Land Rover vehicle owners ensure that their tax disc holders are legally compliant, Land Rover’s Technical manager, Roger Crathorne has created the first self-levelling tax disc holder. Given as a Land Rover isn’t always going to be operating on even ground, this simple device employs Contra-Motion™ technology to ensure that the tax disc always remains on the level and legally compliant.

Learn more about how the self-levelling tax disco holder uses Contra-Motion™ technology in this short demonstration:

A spokesperson at Land Rover (not the same one as before) said, “Our new self-levelling tax disc holder is an industry first and takes full advantage of our ground-breaking Hill-Descent Control and Terrain Management systems. No other car maker has the model range capable of introducing such an innovation and we’re confident this will (maybe) save lives, (possibly) reduce carbon emissions and (hell, who knows, might even) partially offset the country’s economic deficit..”

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