An enterprising petrol station in Muswell Hill, London is taking advantage of last week’s panic buying at UK fuel pumps, by slashing the price of regular unleaded petrol to 39.9 pence per litre.

The Shell station, just off Colney Hatch Lane in Muswell Hill, missed out on last week’s surge in fuel sales due to road works on the nearby A406 North Circular Road, which reduced traffic to the area.

Petrol station owner, Shailesh Cheapshit, said to reporters, “just 800 yards down the road people were queuing with jerry cans at that bl**dy Total station on Priory Road, but not one of the b*gg@rs bothered to come here due to the road being closed. This is my time to make the news, even though we’ll lose 60 pence on every litre we sell.”

Unfortunately Diesel fuel remains just as much of a rip-off as before, because of a sudden drop in demand caused by other petrol suppliers (probably that nearby Total station) spreading rumours that diesel fuel had inexplicably been contaminated with chip fat at the refinery.

Fuel shortages arose last week after the trade union, Unite, which represents 2,000 fuel tanker drivers, threatened to strike over Easter. Panic buying ensued, made worse by emergency planning minister Francis Maude, who advised motorists to fill up fuel cans and store them at home.

Petrol sales soared by 81% on Wednesday (compared to a week before), with an equivalent 43% increase in diesel sales as the threat of a national fuel strike panicked motorists into refilling.

Photo credit: Trowbridge Estate on Flickr