Nissan has released a short film pitting renowned BASE jumper Dave Barlia against Germany GT Academy Champion, Peter Pyzera.

The film was shot in Switzerland and follows the duo battling to reach the bottom of the dramatic Susten Pass. During his descent, Barlia reaches speeds of 130mph coming within six metres of the rock face, while Pyzera negotiates his way down while being monitored by a biometric harness.

Watch the Nissan Nismo 370z in action as Peter Pyzera meets up with wingsuit athlete Dave Barlia and races down the Susten Pass.

It’s billed as an example of Nismo’s advanced driver development programme, where novice drivers are put through a gruelling regime to compete with experienced sports car racers after just three months of training.

The drivers benefit from the latest, advanced conditioning equipment such as Nissan’s In-Body machine, which analyses body composition; Brainwave Monitor, which trains the mind to simultaneously focus and relax; a Batak console to improve reaction times and a race simulator to practice on any race track in the world.

Pyzera commented after filming, “Afterwards we looked at the data we gathered from wearing the biometric harnesses, which monitor my biometric data, and I could see when I was totally focussed.”


“While this is fun, it is serious business – it not only improves my performance but is invaluable in helping me prepare for my next race.”

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Nissan says today’s film is the the first in a series of Nismo short films, “designed to showcase the cutting edge technology and spirit of excitement behind both Nismo road cars and Nismo drivers.”

The 339bhp 370Z Nismo is available as a six-speed manual coupé (without the biometric harness) for just £36,995.

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