I feel compelled to bring the following videos to your attention, not because of some otherworldly showcase of fine driving skills, nor because they scoop the latest drop-dead-gorgeous supercar – in fact they have very little to do with cars at all – even though they’ve been produced by one of the most sought after car brands, BMW.

I’m not quite sure how to introduce these, so I’d better just come out straight and say what’s on my mind – whose idea was it to make a series of wildlife ads to promote BMW original parts and services?

Actually, to be honest it’s a very clever way of conveying a message that would otherwise be quite dull.

The 3 ads, appropriately named Poucan, Luffalo and Zorse are part of the campaign with a strap-line, “That’s not natural. Keep your BMW as nature intend.”

Poucan: While filming a documentary in Antarctica, the crew discovers a remarkable breed of penguin.

The ads which have been running for 3 days, have clocked up only 3,000-4,000 views each, which is perhaps because they are posted in the Cars & Vehicles category on YouTube. Video content relies more on discovery than search and therefore the thumbnail plays an important part in their viral success.

Luffalo: As a loving couple enjoys their safari vacation, they encounter wildlife that’s simply unnatural.

They deserve to do better, after all how many other parts & service ads make you laugh?

Zorse: All bets are off during a day at the track, when a peculiar thoroughbred is revealed.