We are always on the look-out for good-quality content that we can bring to the attention of readers and enthusiasts, saving them time searching to find it and rewarding those who create the content with an appreciative audience. That’s why we built SkiddPlayer, curating the best videos produced each day and making them easier to find and share.

I am particularly keen to showcase mini-series formats, which provide an ongoing insight into a topic or brand that we’d all like to know more about. This week we’re featuring Formula 1 and the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, both of whom are sponsored by Johnnie Walker.

Without sponsors we wouldn’t have Formula 1, but you might be surprised to learn that it’s a relatively small group of sponsors who contribute the majority of this support. One of those is Johnnie Walker, purveyors of the finest Scotch whisky and sponsors of McLaren since 2005, using its partnership with the team and drivers to promote its responsible drinking campaigns.

So what’s this got to do with you?

Well rather than using Formula 1 as a marketing vehicle, Johnnie Walker have invested their efforts in ways that we as enthusiasts can appreciate, by providing unprecedented access to what goes on behind the scenes at some of the most iconic grand prix events in the calendar. The series is called ‘Step Inside The Circuit’ and has so far visited Monaco and Silverstone, producing 14 black-and-white videos, all lavishly shot where Lewis and Jenson take us on a unique journey into the world’s most glamorous sport.

The latest episode in the series is embedded below capturing the driver’s thoughts and emotions before the British GP earlier this month, there’s also a series of exclusive wallpaper pictures available on the JWStepInside Facebook page which you can download and use to brighten up your computer or smart-phone.

It’s a neat way of immersing yourself in the sport, adding to the broadcast TV coverage on the Beeb and showing some support for brands such as Johnnie Walker who keep F1 alive. Thus far the videos have received 160,000 views on YouTube but we believe they deserve more, which is why we’ve agreed to bring them to your attention.

If you’d like to watch the other videos in the series then you’ll find them on the McLaren channel on SkiddPlayer, the Johnnie Walker Step Inside channel on YouTube or you’ll find a small selection on the JWStepInside Facebook page.

What’s Next?

Next stop is Nürburgring in Germany this coming weekend – McLaren say they are confident that the adoption of pre-Silverstone diffuser regulations will allow it to once again fight the mighty Red Bull duo and move back ahead of Ferrari.

The impromptu change of regulations at Silverstone hit the Woking team hard, with MD Jonathan Neale claiming they lost around 0.7 seconds relative to their main rivals, and whilst the gap to Red Bull was even greater the team still believe it’s possible to fight for the championship in 2011.

According to Neale, “This organisation exists to win races, and while it is mathematically possible to win the championship, it’s possible.”

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Johnnie Walker, however all views expressed within are entirely our own. We only accept sponsorship of articles in which a more in-depth focus will benefit the reader. Get in touch with us directly if you’d like to discuss.

Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone

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