A special edition of BMW’s iMagazine App has been launched, focusing on the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The first issue of the free magazine looks at 3 of the leading athletes (Rebecca Adlington, Tim Brabants and David Weir) asking them about their ultimate performance and what moments make the difference in the heat of competition.

Exclusive footage includes Rebecca driving her new BMW 6 Series Convertible on track, Tim training hard on the River Thames and David pushing himself through a tough session in one of London’s Royal Parks.

James Cracknell introduces the iMagazine sectionsJames Cracknell introduces the iMagazine sections.

There’s also an entertaining conversation over lunch between two more seasoned competitors; javelin thrower Steve Backley and rower James Cracknell, who is also the guest editor of this special edition. Other features include profiles of selected BMW London 2012 Performance Team members and the cars they drive, and an overview of how BMW is going to keep London 2012 on the go with a 4000-strong fleet of cars, motorcycles and bicycles for athletes and officials.

I particularly like the way the editorial team managed to fit in the word “Efficient Dynamics” when describing K1 canoe champion, Tim Brabants.

But even if you’re not a big athletics fan, there are lots of reasons to download your copy of iMagazine, no more so than the stunning piece of time-lapse photography of the Olympic Stadium, that plays when the magazine first opens.

British sprinter Mark Lewis-Francis

The App was designed and created by Engine Partners Andrews Aldridge and Brainstorm films on behalf of BMW UK.

Download yourself a copy by visiting the iTunes Store.