We need very little encouragement to show more pictures of Citroën’s Survolt concept car, and it seems neither do Citroën. Fresh from its UK duel against an electric superbike – the first head-to-head of its kind – the stunning all-electric Survolt racecar concept has been recharged with a bold, vivid and brightly contrasting new fluorescent paint scheme by Francoise Nielly.

A source of inspiration for the original styling of Survolt, renowned contemporary artist Francoise Nielly worked closely with Citroën’s design team to create this exciting new interpretation of Citroën’s 100% electric racer – the Survolt ‘Art Car’.

My preference would be for a completely Stealth Black finish, reminiscent of the Batmobile from the 1989 film Batman Returns, but maybe we’ll see that in Citroën’s next incarnation of the Survolt.