The 19-year old multi-award-winning singer-songwriter, Pixie Lott, has teamed up with Citroën in the music video of her latest hit, Broken Arrow. Released earlier this week, the video follows Pixie in a free-fall of romantic scenes, both past and present, encountering lost loves and new relationships.

Citroën’s DS3 appears in the video (from around the 2:00 minute mark, for those of you who’d prefer not to listen to the full track) and unlike Fiat’s recent tie-up with music group Faithless, the DS3’s presence is subtle and feels far less of a promercial. Citroën are citing this as a UK first for vehicle product placement in a music video – but we’ll leave them to debate the finer points of that claim with Fiat (with Faithless) and Renault (with N-Dubz) who no doubt would claim the same accolade.

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Marc Raven, Citroën Communications Director, commented: “Pixie Lott is one of the most talented and successful young performers of our time. We’re thrilled DS3 was chosen to appear in her new video – a happening vehicle for an up and coming artist.”

We are going to see more of these tie-ups in future as car brands seek greater exposure of their vehicles in social media environments (Pixie’s video has already been viewed more than 600,000 times on YouTube), plus of course the artist gains plenty of publicity outside the niche of their fan base.

Surely there’s a deal to be done between Rage Against the Machine in partnership with Toyota’s next Prius…

What tie-ups would you like to see?