The soon to be discontinued Dodge Viper in its full-fat SRT10 ACR guise, managed to set a new single-lap record yesterday at Laguna Seca raceway with a time of 1:33.915, beating the previous record set by a Devon GTX (powered by a Viper motor) by more than a second.

The video above shows the 2010 Viper ACR crossing the finish line on one of its record breaking runs, setting a time of 1:33.944, which was then improved upon after further laps.

Okay, full-fat isn’t a very apt description since this Viper ACR is lighter than the regular car, produces 10 times as much downforce and this final run-out version for 2009 is faster (with a claimed top speed of 202 mph) thanks to a revised 5th gear.

The 2009 Viper ACR currently holds the record for the quickest lap around the Nürburgring Nordschleife, so rather than beat its own record with this updated Viper the team decided to tackle an iconic track closer to home.

In honour of the Viper ACR’s record time Dodge will now rollout a Laguna Seca Special Edition Viper ACR, just 33 units of this special edition Viper will be produced, presumably with that equally ‘special’ paint scheme.

According to Dodge CEO Ralph Gilles, Dodge will end production on the Viper in July 2010, but plan on bringing its replacement to the market in 2012.

Pictures courtesy of : Red Letter Dodge