Last week we reviewed the first episode in this 6-part series and whilst there were many things to admire about it – namely the lovely Dania Ramirez – we felt that it fell rather short of the standard set by BMW Films with its “The Hire” series.

The second episode was released this morning within the A1 microsite and we learn a little more about Miss Ramirez’ character, Toni, and why she began the film in such an ‘excitable’ state.

Episode 2 picks up where first one left off, with our intrepid duo pursued by the bad guys, who release a volley of automatic fire and yet somehow miss the film’s real starlet, Audi’s new A1. The driving scenes are designed to demonstrate the A1s agile and nimble handling, especially in contrast with the bad guys’ lumbering sedan, and the film starts to feel more like those BMW classics that starred Clive Owen.

Transporter meets CSI:NY seems to have been the inspiration for Audi's 'The Next Big Thing'

Justin Timberlake’s character, John, receives a call from a nameless character who tells him that a valuable package must be delivered to him within 2-hours otherwise a necklace around Toni’s neck will detonate blowing her head clean off. It’s probably safe to conclude that this guy is the film’s evil crime lord that John will need to eventually defeat if he is to become the hero.

With the chase sequences and John’s newly revealed mission to deliver an unknown package, it’s beginning to feel like a film in the same genre as Transporter with Jason Statham.

Audi's MMI-based satnav comes to the rescue, showing how simple it is to navigate through a city with no other cars on the road

John receives the destination coordinates directly into the A1’s satnav system, showing how practical as well as dynamic the A1 is intended to be.

We’re in the last 30 seconds of the episode now and, as before, the ending arrives suddenly leaving the audience with so many questions; “what’s in the package?”, “who is Bunny?”, “did the A1’s satnav direct them to the correct address?” and “is there any chance the Director might linger a little longer on Miss Ramirez?”

We get to see quite a lot of Miss Ramirez, but given the A1s intended appeal we suspect it won't be long before JT gets more camera time

All will be revealed (hopefully) in next week’s episode.

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