We’ll cover the full launch of the GT2RS when the official covers over Porsche’s latest offering are unfurled at the end of this week, but for now thanks to Autogespot we can bring you another few sneak pictures of the fastest ever factory Porsche 911.

The main visual difference over the previous GT2 is the liberal use of naked carbon fibre, most notably on the bonnet, front splitter, rear air intakes and mirrors.  The no expense spared and minimal appearance isn’t confined to the exterior, with the very sparse looking cockpit area being home to luxury alcantara seats as well as on the steering wheel.

The GT2RS was revealed to a private audience at Porsche's Leipzig factory

Getting your hands on a GT2RS is going to be extremely difficult as only 300 will be built and there will be no “standard” GT2 – this is it as far as Porsche’s concerned.  The GT2RS is rumoured to kick out in excess of 600hp, so don’t be surprised to hear mutterings of the GT2’s original rather grim and infamous “widowmaker” nickname making a return to centre stage.

Update: 11/05/2010 23:00 GMT – We’ve seen an early specifications release that confirms the following headline details of the new car:

  • Weight including fluids is 1,370kg (3,020lb)
  • Power is a confirmed 612bhp
  • Car is 70kg (150lb) lighter than previous GT2
  • Top speed is 205mph, 0-60 arrives in 3.4s
  • It has achieved a Nordschleife lap time of 7:18
  • The model will be limited to 500 units world wide
  • Price is approximately €190,000 ($245,000)

Ferrari 599 GTO, your rival has arrived.