Japanese tuner, ASI, has unveiled a new bodykit for the Ferrari F430, the company’s first project outside Bentley’s Continental.

The all-carbon kit, which consists of new front and rear bumpers ($5000 and $6000) and new side skirts ($4000) apes the styling of the F430 GT cars, but combined with the BBS alloys and lowered SACHS suspension ($13000) effectively creates a road-going replica of the endurance racer. ASI claims that the body kit, which is also available as a set for $15000, also offers a 27kg weight saving over the F430’s standard parts.

As well as styling modifications, ASI also has an ECU-tuning kit on offer for $7500 although it offers no details on exactly what the performance gains will be, preferring to simple say that ‘mid range torque is improved’. The suspension set includes a system to stop the Ferrari ECU getting confused by non-adjustable suspension.

The kit will be available in its entirety by August this year.