2011 is the 30th anniversary of the Wörthersee Tour, better known as GTI-Treffen, which is held each year in the beautiful surroundings of Reifnitz, by Lake Wörthersee. And this year, the designers and engineers within VW Audi Group have pulled out all the stops to showcase some stunning one-off specials.

Audi were first in line with their A1 clubsport quattro and now it’s Škoda’s turn – so let me introduce you to the Fabia vRS 2000 design concept.

The Fabia vRS 2000 design concept joins other Škoda models including the rally Fabia Super 2000, the sporty Fabia vRS and the all-action Fabia Monte Carlo.

“These days, the GTI-Treffen is rightly hailed by fans of powerful engines and sporty customization as the Mecca of car tuning,” says Škoda CEO Prof. Dr Winfried Vahland.“Anyone who comes to the event once never wants to miss another year of this fascinating get-together. The jubilee year of 2011 is a welcome opportunity for us to show off our sports models and make sure that everyone knows that Škoda really has something to offer here.”

The Fabia vRS 2000 concept car was developed and built specifically for the GTI-Treffen. Drawing on the successful Fabia Super 2000 rally car, Škoda’s designers created an original roadster which looks (and we’re told drives) unlike any other Škoda. Based on the Škoda Motorsport’s rally car, the Fabia vRS 2000 offers plenty of room for four occupants, although it might be a little blustery in those rear seats.

Besides exhibiting cars, the Škoda stand, covering an area of ​​600 m2, will host a plethora of events for visitors. Motorsport fans will have the chance to take part in a rally simulation, experience a free fall, and race remote-controlled models.