There’s something very special about rear wheel drive cars. They offer a driving purity front and four wheel drive cars can’t. As FWD and 4WD cars struggle to cope with steering and drivetrain influences, a RWD car isn’t pulled from the front, it’s pushed from behind, leaving the front axle to do as nature intended, steer.

And, if you know what you are doing, a RWD car offers the best driving pleasure of all… going sideways, broadside, steering from the rear, foot hard on the gas. Is there a sweeter feeling in the driving world?

This month, we have four cracking cars: Road first lady, Ashley Van Dyke gets to ride shotgun in a 730bhp monster of a Chevrolet Camaro drift car, we follow Leyton Clarke in his factory Lotus Evora V6 racer in the GT Championships at Snetterton and we have two amazing Lexus road cars – the rear wheel drive 417bhp, 170mph, five-litre V8 IS-F, put through its paces on a track day and the 4WD £100,000, paradigm-shifting 439bhp luxury limo LS600h, with its 389bhp five-litre V8 and 221bhp electric motor incredible hybrid drive technology.

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