It took more than 18 months to arrange, but on Friday 18th September we finally found out which of the world’s greatest hypercars is faster on track – specifically Silverstone’s 1.64 mile National circuit, better known for hosting those tin-top warriors from the British Touring Car Championship.

What better choice then for a driver than Mat Jackson, a Silverstone specialist and winner of the last BTCC round at Rockingham.

This was the first time in the world that all three cars had been timed back-to-back, on the same track, on the same day and with the same driver, and uniquely all three cars were owned by the same man – supercar collector, Paul Bailey.

Unlike most collectors, Bailey drives his cars on a regular basis, having already clocked up more than 5,000 km in his super-rare LaFerrari, while he is no stranger to the track as current championship leader in the GT Cup series.

While each car was serviced beforehand, the test was conducted without the sanction or involvement of any car maker and therefore can truly be seen as ‘independent’. All the cars were all in standard road configuration with the 918 wearing Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 tyres, while the LaF and P1 were both shod with Pirelli Rosso Corsas.

Look out for the full video in early November.

Timing was undertaken by Racelogic, using their Video VBox software while the laps were recorded on video, with some stunning overhead shots captured by our drone camera operators.

Rather than declare the result now, we’ll assemble the content into a short-film complete with interviews, the timed laps and a link to download and view the telemetry data for yourself. We’re planning two more tests; a quarter-mile drag race and 0-200-0 high speed run which we hope will convey each car’s unique strengths and the reason why they are three of the most exciting cars ever made.

“I had the most amazing of the first of three days filming the Holy Trinity and seeing what they can really do on track,” said Bailey.

“Same driver, same track, same day and totally standard cars produced some unexpected results… but I can’t tell you yet!!!”

There’s a teaser video above and a gallery of photos on this page to whet your appetite.

To finish off the content smorgasbord we’ll have another world first. This weekend, Jackson returns to Silverstone to challenge Jason Plato’s 2013 BTCC track record in his Motorbase Performance Ford Focus. We reckon he might get close to these road-going hypercars, but just how close will that be?

Thanks to Alan Gow and TOCA, we’ll have the telemetry data to compare and find out which is faster – touring car or hypercar? Keep an eye out over the next few weeks and we’ll share the outcome.

Pictures: Steve Hindle, Riad Ariane

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