Tim Schrick is one of the nicest guys in motorsport. He also happens to be one of the best drivers we’ve had the pleasure of riding shotgun with. He has a natural talent and can jump in any car and extract its limits instantly. He’s also a lot of fun to be around.

So, we were over the moon when Tim gave us a call and asked us to line up some “crazy British cars” to feature on his new TV show, Turbo Automagazin, on Sport 1 in Germany.

Visit the sport1.de media centre to watch the videos.
Sport 1 Media Centre

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The line up is eccentric, eclectic and ballistic – and this issue of Road is dedicated to all of the mad machines we tested with Tim.

There’s the Z Cars classic Mini, with a Hayabusa engine in the back and rear wheel drive… right up Tim’s crazy engineering alley, and appealing to his passion for sideways action. Great fun!

Then there’s the amazing new BAC Mono single seater race ace: The ultimate track day car? An engineering master class.

And we took Tim to Santa Pod, the home of UK drag racing, for his first taste of quarter mile action, in a mental 1,066bhp Mitsubishi Evo!

Finally, Tim wanted a taste of a quintessential British track day. So we took him to Donington Park with the RMA, where he “fell in love” with the incredible Chevron GR8 race car (& B19 historic), drove “the best ever 964” Motec Porsche 911 from Sean Lockyear and had a go in a 982bhp Time Attack winning Mitsubishi Evo from Car Planet Racing.

As you will see, it was quite a week of phenomenal cars…

Tim Schrick in the Mini 'Busa