Cars designed with female buyers in mind who like a bit of poke under their right stiletto are pretty few and far between. And whilst we’re not saying the three we’ve picked to feature in this month’s ROAD Magazine are either (a) exclusively feminine or (b) the only ones, it’s a good start.

We’ve picked three sports hatches, or ‘warm hatches’ if you’re being cynical. But in this day and age, even a ‘warm hatch’ has more poke and packaging than any so-called-classic hot hatch from decades back… and look at the cult car status they now hold. Maybe some of these are future classics?

First up is the recently re-vamped, best-selling Suzuki Sport Swift – a great value car with a proper rally pedigree, offering no frills, all spills. Can it still deliver the goods, dynamically speaking and from the supermarket? We also look at Guy Wilks’ awesome Super 1600 Swift, flying high as ever.


Next up there’s the Alfa Giulietta – as marketed by our cover girl, Uma Thurman. Undeniably sexy (both car & star), but is the Alfa actually up to much and will it make your mates jealous? We find out.


Finally, with the Peugeot 208 GTi about to let rip and attempt to fly the French flag for hot hatches again, we look at the 208 Feline THP – a top-spec, turbocharged, great value package. Will it make GTi purchasers think twice?

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And we also look at the ace new 208 RS rally car and give you a chance to win a racing experience to die for – the Nürburgring 24Hr in a 208 GTi.

Enjoy the ride ladies! And gents!

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