Welcome to the first in a series of German car specials of ROAD. Whether it’s their Teutonic efficiency, phenomenal reliability or sheer engineering superiority over most marques, German cars stand out from the masses.

And the three cars we have featured in this first German special of ROAD certainly do…

First off there’s the gorgeous sleek lines and awesome performance of Audi’s mid-engined R8, in V8 and mega V10 form; on test on British Roads.

Next, we have a story based around the already legendary Porsche GT3, in Cup Car form – with BRDC Rising Star, Porsche Scholarship contender and ROAD friend, Leyton Clarke at the wheel… in his first ever Porsche race at Silverstone.

And finally, blasting around the Lakes, in the snow, up Kirkstone Pass, the fabulous 4WD Volkswagen Golf R. Enjoy it, yah?!