You can tell how proud Ferrari are of their new four-wheel drive transmission, by how keen they are to show it being used in a way that no previous Ferrari could hope to aspire to. This is both a Ferrari for power slides and the most sensible car in Ferrari’s range.

It has also divided opinion with its looks – from a purely personal perspective I think it looks great and am sure it will be a jaw-dropping sight amongst ordinary cars on the road. But some people consider the new FF an abomination with its bread-van rear end and its un-supercar-like 4WD drivetrain, although that clearly hasn’t hindered Lamborghini during the past decade..

But Ferrari are delighted overall with the interest generated by its new FF, citing hundreds of thousands of clicks recorded on, plus the many comments and views on YouTube, Facebook and other social channels.

The new photos, showing an advanced prototype (in black) and a final model (in red), have joined the images published by Ferrari in recent weeks, but will probably do little to silence the naysayers who’d prefer to see a range-topping Ferrari looking (and behaving) more like a traditional supercar.

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And finally…

Ferrari FF vs BMW Z3 M Coupe

A few weeks ago when the FF was launched we morphed together some images in Photoshop to see just how close Ferrari’s FF was to the silhouette of BMW’s Z3 Coupe – something of a talking point at the time. We tweeted the image but never published it, so here it is now for you to judge yourselves.

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but I can’t imagine Ferrari will lose too many FF customers who choose to seek out a used Z3 M Coupe instead..

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