McLaren may have stolen some of Ferrari’s thunder by bringing its P1 supercar to the launch of the MP4-28 last week, but there’s still plenty of excitement surrounding the next ‘Limited Series’ car from Maranello.

And if you’ve ever visited Maranello, you’ll know that it’s only a matter of time before you’ll spot something special making the short trip from the factory to Ferrari’s test circuit in the nearby town of Fiorano.

Which is precisely what well-known Italian enthusiast Marchettino managed to capture on film when he paid a visit to the circuit yesterday.

The five-minute video (above) shows the F150 lapping Fiorano circuit accompanied by an Enzo, but before we get too excited, it’s worth bearing in mind the F150 is still in development and therefore its exhaust may not be in its final (i.e. restricted) road-going form.



Still, it sounds good and bodes well for Ferrari’s first attempt at a production ‘HY-KERS’ (Hybrid Kinetic Energy Recovery System) sports car. The F150 will be powered by a series of electric motors, believed to deliver around 120bhp, which will supplement an enhanced version of the 729bhp 6.3-litre V12 engine introduced in the F12berlinetta.

With peak power of between 850bhp – 890bhp, the F150 will be the fastest ever road-going Ferrari and according to Flavio Manzoni, Ferrari’s Head of Design “..the greatest transfer between F1 and a road car that we ever did.”

Despite its Enzo-shaped body, the F150 is based on a wheelbase no larger than a 458 Italia, so expect the final production car to look slightly more compact than this.

You can read more about the F150 in our previous post, in the meantime we’re expecting to see the final production car revealed at next month’s Geneva motor show.