Unless of course you’ve been living on a remote island, away from TV, newspapers and the interweb, then you’ll know that Ford is in the middle of launching its new Focus – a more significant event than any previous launch because despite being developed in Europe, it will be sold in over 120 markets worldwide.

But for a such a traditionally European car, has the Focus…. lost its focus? Well, you will soon be able to read the various magazine reviews, visit a Ford showroom and drive one for yourself, but our focus today is on the fanfare that’s being used to greet the new Focus.

Ford Focus Rally of America

In the USA, Ford went all out with the social-media driven Ford Focus Rally which ran between February and March 7th this year – www.focusrally.com, which saw 6 teams competing against each other in the all-new Ford Focus, as they complete various challenges and tasks whilst driving cross-country – the prize being $100,000 and a brand new 2012 Ford Focus.

Ford Focus Rally America

Viewers were able to sign-up and follow their favourite team, helping them decipher clues and puzzles and earning points towards participation themselves. Just over 30,000 people took part in the event, which was won by advertising duo Team John & Carolyn.

Ford Focus Global Test Drive

Here in Europe, the campaign kicked off with the Ford Focus Global Test Drive beginning in Madrid and bringing together teams of international competitors all focused on earning money for their chosen charities. The campaign was run together with the charitable GlobalGiving Foundation under the title, ‘Start More Than A Car’.

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The 40 participants received a trip for two to Madrid in Spain where they drove the all-new Ford Focus, and Ford also donated $10,000 to each of their favorite charities in the areas of environment, education and hunger.

So, in the run-up to first deliveries of the new Focus here in the UK, Ford have begun the 3rd major step to its launch with its ‘Start More Live’ event.

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Ford Focus ‘Start More Live’ event

Unlike the other campaigns, this one’s a celebration. Tim Lovejoy (from Soccer AM and BBC2’s Something for the Weekend) and co-presenter Robbie Knox are taking the new Ford Focus on a tour of the UK, but their mission extends far beyond merely driving the car.

Along the journey Tim and Robbie will aim to make friends, try out new food, gadgets and music and also learn a new way of playing golf. The tour will culminate in a live event on Wednesday 25th May featuring music from The Enemy.

As with previous Ford campaigns, you can join in too – although perhaps not in quite the same ‘socially’ driven manner as the previous two. There are tickets to be won to a Kings of Leon Gig in Hyde Park, a Gastronomic Master-class at The Vineyard at Stockcross and the opportunity to win a Golf Master-class at St. Andrews in Scotland. You just need to visit Ford’s Facebook page to enter.

The Ford Channel on SkiddPlayer is carrying the videos from Tim and Robbie’s journey, and you can also catch up with videos from the Ford Focus Rally and Focus Global Test Drive, if you missed them first time around.

To save cluttering up this page, here’s the first of Tim and Robbie’s videos (below), but you can watch the rest of them over on the Ford Channel.

The all-new Ford Focus is now on sale in the UK – priced from £15,995. Every new Ford Focus comes with voice-activated Bluetooth, USB connectivity, DAB digital radio, Thatcham Category 1 alarm and a Torque Vectoring Control system which optimises engine torque distribution between both driven wheels and mimics a limited slip differential.

The frugal new 1.6 TDCi diesel-powered versions deliver over 67mpg, while Ford’s new 1.6 EcoBoost turbo petrol engines return more than 47mpg on the combined cycle.