When Gymkhana Four broke cover last year, we couldn’t help feel disappointed that it had lost the purity which made Gymkhana Three such a huge hit.

Nine months later and 17.8 million views in the bag, DC Shoes and Ford Racing have put together a raw, more focused action edit – 4 minutes shorter, less Monkey and no Bollywood.

Gymkhana Four – The Edit, takes a closer look at Ken Block’s behind-the-wheel driving precision, incorporating never-before-seen shots and all-new angles of previous shots.

If you think you’ve seen all there is to see of Gymkhana Four, think again.

There’s still a long way to go before Gymkhana Four closes in on the whopping 43 million views earned by Gymkhana Three, but this new edit should certainly help.

When I spoke with Ken back in December, he voiced his concerns about the ideal length for a Gymkhana video – Gym3 ran for 7:32 mins, Gym4 for 9:15 mins, so at 5:10 mins for this Bonus Edit, he’s clearly testing appetite water before going to work on Gymkhana Five – which is due out in the Summer.