Sometimes – on very rare occasions – our friends from across the pond produce better car ads than their European counterparts. Volkswagen comes to mind with their recent Super Bowl ads, or those hilarious off-beat VW Academy ads with Saturday Night Live comedian Bill Hader. Land Rover are another brand that have blurred the lines between the normally dull commercial and a genuine piece of entertainment.

Case in point, the latest campaign in the LR4 (Discovery) ‘Safe Inside’ series, which aims to show why Land Rover drivers experience a feeling of safety that drivers of other vehicles don’t. It’s entitled ‘Pathological Liar’ and the ad shows a guy who chooses to be in a Land Rover LR4 while confessing to his girlfriend that he’s not exactly who she thinks he is.

If you enjoyed that, they you’ll probably also find these pretty funny too.

Land Rover LR4 “Dirty Cops” | Land Rover USA

Sometimes even cops need protection. So when a dirty cop decides to come clean, he does so in one of the safest vehicles ever made. The Land Rover LR4.

And here’s my personal favourite.

Land Rover LR4 “Sword Collector”| Land Rover USA

How do you tell the office sword collector that he needs to get rid of his swords? Brilliant eh…?