Ever get the feeling Audi really enjoy poking fun at BMW? You’ll remember back in 2008 when BMW launched their Expression of JOY campaign to mark the arrival of the new Z4, then followed this with ‘The Story Of JOY’ covering the rest of its range and now ‘JOY is BMW’ which encompasses BMW innovations.

The video campaign ‘Jump for JOY’ was BMW’s attempt to highlight the character and fun-loving nature of their customers, but couldn’t resist having a poke at boring stuffy Audi in an extended version of the video (below).

The “Jump for Joy” commercial spawned an ‘extended’ version where an Audi A4 owner tries to copy his BMW-owning neighbours – unfortunately he botches the attempt and ends up crushing his privates in the process. Click through to 1:13 to watch the painful moment..

So, with Audi’s current promotion of the R8 GT they’ve obviously decided to return the favour. Produced by Tonic International of Dubai, the message is simple, “..forget all this marketing fluff from BMW, with the R8 GT Joy finally has meaning”.

Audi R8 GT - Joy finally has meaning

Audi’s £144,000+ R8 GT is the car maker’s fastest and most expensive model, using a 552 bhp V10 FSI powerplant it can accelerate from zero to 62mph in 3.8 seconds and to reach a top speed of 197mph. And rarity will be one of the reasons for joy if you’ve bought an R8 GT, with a worldwide production of just 333 units they will be a special sight on our roads.

BMW have been slow to respond to the R8 since it arrived on the scene 4 years ago, with nothing even remotely close within its range, so it’s no surprise to see Audi making hay in their latest ads.

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