The new Jaguar C-X17 will make its first appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and although it’s officially described as a ‘design study’ we’ve already seen prototypes running test miles on British roads.

It’s Jaguar’s response to the Porsche Cayenne and will introduce the company’s new, highly-advanced, modular aluminium architecture, starting with the C-X17 and then filtering down to other models as Jaguar moves towards aluminium construction in future years.

While the C-X17 will occupy a similar market niche as the all-new Range Rover Sport, we believe they’ll share very little in common, although JLR’s newly updated powertrains are likely to be used including the recently revealed high-performance diesel hybrid.

Jaguar-C-X17-SUV_G1Jaguar will launch the C-X17 live on Facebook.

Judging by the test-mules seen on the road, the C-X17 looks closer to the coupé-like profile of BMW’s X6 than the more upright stance of a traditional SUV, further distancing it from its Range Rover siblings.

Jaguar say that the C-X17 concept “.. illustrates the diversity of vehicles that could be produced using this architecture, which underpins the innovative future of the Jaguar brand.”

We’ll know more next Monday (9th September) when Jaguar launch it live on their Facebook page. You can also follow the story by using the hashtag #CX17 on Twitter.