You’ve got to admire Jay Leno (or envy him with a passion), he’s a match for Top Gear in his ability to be first to drive some of the world’s most exciting cars. Most recently we saw him gain exclusive access to McLaren’s new MP4-12C, and this time he has laid on the new Lexus LFA for us to gawp at.

Work committments get in the way of him personally getting a drive (I’m not sure wild horses would stop us), so he hands the reigns to Justin Bell, son of Derek Bell, to show us what its like around Fontana’s California Speedway. Tough job eh?

We’ve already shown you pictures of the LFA in stealth black, which has got to be the way to go if you’re considering one for yourself. The folks at Lexus UK took delivery of their own demonstrator earlier this week, so perhaps if you ask nicely you might be able to scrounge a test drive.

Photos courtesy of : sibaldesign