Despite many favorable reviews KTM have not found it easy to actually sell the X-Bow to customers. It has been criticised by some for lacking involvement compared to it’s competitors from Caterham, Ariel and Lotus, and with it’s turbocharged 2.0 TFSi engine provided by Audi it also lacks the aural flare so notable of cars in this sector.

So despite production plans of 500 cars per year, which increased to 1000 cars as more and more customers added their names to the pre-launch list, KTM have sold just 80 thus far, so it wasn’t a surprise to hear earlier this week that KTM had chosen to suspend production at their Graz factory until early 2010.

This comes just weeks after KTM released a factory power upgrade developed by engine tuning experts ABT Sportsline, which raises the X-Bow’s peak power to an impressive 300bhp (from 240bhp) and boosts torque to a more than acceptable 400Nm (from 310Nm), improving the X-Bow’s power-to-weight ratio to 380 bhp per tonne.

Price increases

But the most surprising news is the decision taken this week by KTM’s UK importer, Hangar 111, to raise prices across the X-Bow range.

From the 1st of September 2009 pricing will be as follows:

X-Bow Street Current price: £48,855 From 1st Sept: £51,298
X-Bow Clubsport Current price: £58,630 From 1st Sept: £61,561
X-Bow Superlight Current price: £78,180 From 1st Sept: £82,089
X-Bow GT4 Current price: £81,035 From 1st Sept: £85,086
X-Bow ROC Current price: £68,405 From 1st Sept: £71,825

In the meantime, Hangar 11’s own X-Bow Clubsport demonstrator will be reduced in price on the 1st of September to £55,499 (a reduction of over £6000 on the new Clubsport as of September 1st). Their Clubsport demonstrator has completed only 1000 miles, is kitted out with a full driver to passenger intercom/iPod/bluetooth hands free module from Starcom and when purchased the lucky buyer will receive a supported track day including instruction free of charge from Hangar 111. The car comes with full KTM warranty and is ready to drive away.

If you’re interested then give Greg Lock a call on +44(0)1473 811 811.

We really hope that KTM weathers the current downturn and eventually sells enough X-Bows to make it a permanent feature on our roads, but it will be interesting to see how customers respond to these new prices and whether the ABT engine upgrade finally tempts hardcore enthusiasts away from the more established trackday specials.


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