The Lamborghini Aventador J is a one-of-a-kind piece of art, a one-off bespoke concept car that showcases Lamborghini’s latest technology and materials, wrapped in a light-weight carbon fibre body.

The letter J is derived from the sporting rules of the FIA world motorsport organization. Its “Appendix J” defines the technical specification of race cars in the various classes, but ‘J’ is also a significant letter in the Lamborghini nomenclature.

The 1970 Miura Jota (pronounced “YO-ta”) was the first to take its name from the FIA’s Appendix J racing regulations, where Jota represents the pronunciation of the letter ‘J’ in Spanish. The Jota name reappeared again with the 1995 Diablo SE 30, but since then has remained dormant.

“With the Lamborghini Aventador J, we have molded our brand DNA into its most definitive form to date. This automobile is as extreme and as uncompromising as only a Lamborghini can be,” says Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini.

“The new Lamborghini Aventador J is the most radical open supersports car of Lamborghini’s history. Its name comes from our tradition and combines an unconventional design with technology innovation. The Aventador J is the proof that, despite the rules, Lamborghini will always make people dream, even in the future.”

The Aventador J is the proof that, despite the rules, Lamborghini will always make people dream, even in the future.

Powered by the production Aventador’s 6.5-litre 690 bhp V12 engine, ISR transmission, permanent all-wheel drive and push-rod suspension the Aventador J can perform every bit as strongly as its fixed-roof sibling.

The Aventador J has a significantly different interpretation to the Aventador coupé. In this open version, the monocoque has a largely new design, including the two safety bars behind the seats. The absence of a roof, of the large windshield, of the air conditioning system and of the navigation system reduces the car’s weight significantly lower than the coupé’s 1575 kg, although Lamborghini have yet to confirm exactly how much this amounts to.

Part of this weight saving is due to a brand new carbon fibre material, “Carbonskin”, which is made of woven carbon fibres soaked with a very special epoxy resin that stabilizes the fibre structure and keeps the material soft. Like a hi-tech fabric, the carbon fibre mats fit perfectly to every shape, creating the thinnest possible panels.

In the Aventador J, the complete cockpit and parts of the seats are clad in this material and shimmer in Matt Carbon-Fibre Black.

Naturally, the doors on the Aventador J also open upward. They are considerably thinner than on the Aventador and are fitted with a tiny, fixed side window.

The car maker is adamant that the Aventador J is strictly a one-off and will be delivered to a customer after the show, so this might be the only time we see it in public.