It was bound to happen, whilst Lamborghini have tried to ‘slowly’ tease the world with close-up images of their new concept the details of their ‘secret’ were leaked to French website Blog Automobile.

Apparently the concept which will be known as ‘Sesto Elemento’ (Sixth Element) is made entirely out of carbon fibre and weighs a remarkable 999kg. Powered by a V10 engine the Sesto Elemento is said to exceed 217.5mph (350km/h) and a sprint from 0 to 62mph in just 2.5 seconds.

Carbon is the 'Sixth Element' according to Lamborghini as it reveals its new concept, the Sesto Elemento tomorrow in Paris.

Lamborghini’s press conference is at 7:45am tomorrow morning (30th September), so we’ll have further details then.