There’s been a bit of confusion today over the reasons for Hamilton being disqualified from Sunday’s Melbourne Grand Prix, so we thought we’d try to clear things up.

The punishment of Lewis being stripped of his position and points was handed down, because the FIA believe that he lied to the Stewards.

According to the report on the FIA’s website Lewis and Team Manager David Ryan were asked, specifically, whether or not an instruction was given to Lewis telling him to let the Toyota of Jarno Trulli back past. They insisted that this was not the case, but if you listen to the recording of McLaren’s radio transmissions (below) you will hear Lewis’s race engineer say: ‘Lewis, you need to allow the Toyota through. Allow the Toyota through.’

It appears therefore that the representation made to the Stewards by McLaren implied that Trulli had muscled his way past Lewis, when in reality it appears that Jarno passed Lewis in exactly the same manner in which Lewis passed Jarno.

Listen to the interview given by Lewis Hamilton to the Media immediately after the race

Listen to a recording of the radio transmission between Lewis Hamilton and the Team

Then let us know what you think

UPDATE: It is now being rumoured that the FIA might hand down a more severe penalty to Lewis and McLaren, either a race suspension or even a season ban..

An FIA spokesperson is quoted as saying “Given the seriousness of this matter, we cannot rule out further action at this stage”

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