Friday’s Sudoku puzzle from Lotus is posed within a 20 second clip, showing a boxer on a track with what looks to be an Exige, with updated styling (see picture below). The cryptic press release serves more to confuse than enlighten..

Make the rules. Break the rules. More Lotus than EVER.

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In the fight for Frankfurt there are no rules. Only what a person can do and what a person can’t.

But what have Lotus done this time? Are the rules about to be re-written?

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There’s only one way to find out: 9.00am (CET), 13 September: Frankfurt Motor Show Hall 5, Stand B02.

Let the games begin.

If you remember, Lotus have already told us that they will have 3 new cars, 2 new options AND 1 special limited edition on show at Frankfurt. One of the new models will be the Elise S (replacing the Elise SC), the 2 new options are the Serial Precision Shift (SPS) and Intelligent Precision Shift (IPS) transmissions, and the 1 special limited edition is the 438 bhp Evora GTE road car.

We are still waiting to find out what the ‘other’ two new models are – so perhaps this video provides a small clue?

All Lotus will say at this stage is they include one of the quickest road cars Lotus has ever built and the other marks the return of Lotus to another adrenalin filled motorsport discipline.

We’ll know for sure next Tuesday.