After watching this video, you’ll probably be thinking as I was “..wouldn’t it be great to pit a Ferrari FF against a Lamborghini Aventador and Porsche 911 Turbo on a frozen lake, fitted with suitably narrow winter tyres?”

The sight and sound of nearly 17-litres and 2,000 bhp barking a tuneful chorus would be quite a spectacle, but for the time being we’ll just have to make do with the FF on its own, with of course former World Rally Champion Markku Alen behind the wheel.

The venue for the video below was the Arjeplog track, in Northern Sweden, about 100 km South of the Arctic Circle. The track is probably the most challenging surface for Ferrari’s latest 12-cylinder which features an innovative 4RM four-wheel drive system that was highly praised by Markku Alen, the Finnish ice track specialist and winner of the World Rally Championship in 1978.

At temperatures between -15° and -30° Celsius on the steep inclines and challenging corners of the 14km “Forest” track, Markku was able to test the FF in conditions that few (if any) owners are ever likely to experience.

Traction was at a premium on the extremely low-grip surfaces, but thanks to the FF’s 47/53 front/rear weight bias and its clever differentials, the car (and driver) were able to demonstrate its safety, stability and performance to great aplomb.

Even more impressive, given the scenario painted in the introductory paragraph, the FF was fitted with standard Pirelli Sotto Zero tyres. Not studded or skinny winters. In fact Ferrari tell us that the FF on standard Pirelli Sotto Zeros can perform a full throttle standing start on a 20% (1 in 5) incline on snow, with no wheel spin. Impressive eh?

Markku commented afterwards that the FF is especially enjoyable to drive, even for a former World Champion – but then he would say that wouldn’t he? What’s not to like about driving a £200,000+ supercar on snow and ice?