Just in case you haven’t yet fallen in love with McLaren’s 12C Spider, the following new gallery might just push you over the edge. The colour is Supernova Silver and it joins Azure Blue, Volcano Yellow and Volcano Red, which the Spider has thus far been shown in.

It’s perhaps worth a quick reminder of McLaren’s approach to the paint finishes available on the 12C Coupe and Spider.

The 12C’s spectrum of colours are available in Standard, Special and Elite. Standard comes in Silver, White or Blue, while the Special paint options – including Azure Blue, provide a greater depth of finish and are designed to highlight each aerodynamic contour of the 12C.

For the Elite paint finish, McLaren’s technicians combine a range of exclusive pigments in a 3-stage paint process to provide a deep pearlescent or metal effect, with a mirror-like surface. Both Volcano Yellow and Volcano Red are part of this Elite paint range.

However there are two colours that hold an extra special significance within the range. Can-Am Orange is inspired by the colour which first appeared on the 1967 M6A race car and was later resurrected for the McLaren F1 LM – built to celebrate the company’s 1995 Le Mans victory.

And finally, Volcanic Orange from the Elite range, which was developed to match the shade used for the last McLaren F1 ever made. McLaren’s technicians worked for months to create a colour that would become the signature McLaren Orange, which features a special metallic base and is hand finished to achieve an unmistakeable tone and iridescence.

So now you know. There’s more to McLaren’s colour palette than meets the eye, and while no doubt you have a favourite, most of us would be quite happy with either Supernova Silver, Azure Blue, Volcano Yellow, Volcano Red..