The interwebs have been a-buzz with rumours that Honda is planning to release an officially sanctioned, tuned version of the European-market Honda Civic Type-R hatchback.

We’ve already seen one Mugen-fettled Civic, although the last one was based on what has come to be referred to as the ‘real Civic Type-R’ – the saloon-based JDM Type-R. While it was a rather special thing, it was ‘tweaked’ rather than transformed, with a bit more power, some carbon fibre addenda and unique wheels.

The latest car will be a far more extreme piece of kit though, with rumours suggesting that it will get 240bhp, an all-carbon fibre body shell and be completely stripped of fripperies like rear seats, a radio and sound deadening.

It seems like a fairly plausible story, with Honda’s UK Type-R receiving a pretty luke-warm reception despite the vastly improved, LSD-equipped Championship White Edition and Ford’s Focus and Renault’s R26.R getting all the attention, a completely mental ‘halo model’ could be exactly what the Euro CTR needs to revive some interest.

The Mugen Civic will be one for collectors and brand aficionados though, with strictly limited numbers and a price tag thought to be in the region of £40k.