We are spoilt for choice these days with seemingly every variation of driving game available on your gaming platform of choice, whether that be Xbox 360, PS3, Wii or PC. So is there room for a new title amongst this ever crowded market?

Blur is a new kind of driving game focusing on all types of gamers, regardless of experience or skill level. Accessibility can be the kiss-of-death in the driving game genre with such titles as Sony Playstation’s Gran Turismo defining the niche for realistic driving simulators – as proven by its successful spinoff into the world of real motor racing with Nissan’s GT Academy programme.

The Bizarre Creations development team behind Blur are British, hence the inclusion of a street circuit based on Hackney, London in the game. Drivers careen through real-world track locations packed with fast curves, sneaky alternate routes and hair-raising jumps in over 50 licensed cars as they collect intense Power-ups, including the ability to blast other cars out of the way with huge bursts of energy, boost their speed, and more.

Cars available in the game include;

  • Audi TTS Coupe
  • BMW M3 (E92) (Tuner)
  • Chevrolet Camaro Z28
  • Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
  • Ford Focus RS
  • Ford FR-100
  • Ford GT
  • Ford/Shelby Mustang GT500
  • Koenigsegg CCXR
  • Land Rover Defender SVX
  • Land Rover LRX
  • Lotus Exige Cup 260
  • Renault Megane Trophy
  • Volkswagen Scirocco 24.

The game is published by Activision and will be available to buy from May 28th 2010 on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Windows PC platforms. The game’s recommended retail price is £29.99.

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Power-ups that Shock Your Socks off

Drivers will collect and use intense Power-ups throughout each race, including the ability to blast other cars out of the way with huge bursts of energy, boost speed with Nitros, drop mines, use power-up to take out racers ahead of you and drivers on your tail. You can even generate defensive shields to fend off other racers.

Players can use each Power-up independently on the fly, or collect and combine the Power-ups and use them offensively or defensively to multiply the effect on the competition. Players can also purchase Power-up modifications, to amplify the on-track carnage to suit their individual strategies.

Racing for All Gamers

Blur claims to move beyond traditional racing games by taking genre staples, including licensed cars, photo-realistic graphics and real-world locations and combining these with gameplay, designed completely to focus on ‘fun’ and featuring intuitive pick-up-and-play controls, intense Power-ups, and races where players are always in the pack challenging for the lead from beginning to end.

Either in Single Player or Multiplayer Blur is for all types of gamers, regardless of experience or skill level.

Social Network Interface

Blur focuses on social gaming - engaging with rivals, friends and encouraging fans to provide support

Where Blur seeks to truly differentiate itself from other driving games is in its ‘social’ gameplay. Blur’s new, innovative social network user interface is designed to evolve dynamically as players compete in different races, make new friends, rivals and fans, and connect with other racers in real life.

Hire someone to start a Blog and talk you up. Receive extra fans when you use Power-ups on opponents

Learn what’s going on in the Blur world, locate where and when the next big races are happening, rally your fans for support, and take up challenges designed to suit your favourite racing style.

It Wouldn’t Be Racing Without Multiplayer

Blur offers gamers a racing experience that allows them to race with friends and as part of a network of players in high intensity competition and fun. With 20 players online and a progressive ranking system that rewards gamers the more they play, Blur focuses on objective based race events, and also features 4-player split-screen for playing with friends from the comfort of the couch.

Multiplayer modes are an intrinsic part of the Blur gaming experience

Blur also introduces Custom Groups – where anyone can create unique multiplayer modes based on their favorite ways to play the game. These new modes are then shared through Blur’s social network, expanding the game in ways only limited by the gaming community’s creativity.

Real-World Cars and Locations

Blur features over 50 licensed cars to drive as players race through visually stunning tracks set in real-world locations ranging from L.A. and San Francisco to the streets of Hackney, UK, to the treacherous roads of Barcelona and all the way to Japan.

Blur is more of a street-racing game like Need For Speed, than the more race track-oriented Gran Turismo

As players progress through the game, they’ll be able to unlock and purchase multiple versions of the cars, each paying homage to different racing cultures, including Rat, Drift, Smooth and Tuner, and each with their own specific performance pros and cons.

Cinematic Destruction Meets Photo-Realism

Blasting other cars out of the way is part of the fun

Racers experience collisions featuring loads of damage and destruction, with panels crumpling on photo-realistic cars as they flip and roll down the track, so there’s plenty of enjoy even for those unable to keep their cars shiny-side up..

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