HKS has announced its latest tuning package for Nissan’s GT-R.

The new 600bhp GT600 kit is a development of the 570bhp GT570 package and comes with the same components – high-flow exhaust components, hard pipe kit for the intercooler, boost controller, blow off valves, upgraded wastegate and new spark plugs – but adds a larger diameter intake pipe, new fuel regulator and an upgraded fuel pump to liberate the extra bhp.

The GT600 kit will be available in both ‘Racing’ and ‘Sports’ kits. The Racing version will be offered as a Racing Base Package for £5488 or as a Silencer Version, which comes with an extra silencer and costs £5619. The ‘Sports’ kit is exactly the same, but comes with a LEGAMAX fully road-legal exhaust for £7190. It’s worth noting that the legality of the kits is based on Japanese regulations, so the road-legality of the Racing kits in the UK will almost certainly be different.

Even though the GT600 slots in above the GT570 kit, it’s effectively a replacement given that the extra 30bhp only costs about £50.