We received a fresh new set of pictures from GTA Spano this morning, showing us just how far the Spanish-built supercar has come in the past few months. Launched in April 2009 at a gala-event in Valencia, Spain, the GTA Spano has received plenty of plaudits for its unique and engaging design.

To remind you why this is a car worth getting excited about, the GTA Spano features a chassis made out of carbon fibre, titanium and Kevlar and claims to be the only car in the world built from materials based on aeronautical technologies. It easily claims title to being the fastest and most powerful production car built in Spain and with only 99 cars scheduled for production it will certainly be one of the rarest supercars you’re likely to see on the roads.

The GTA Spano is powered by a 8.3 litre V10 engine producing 769 bhp (780 PS) and 920 Nm of torque, with 828 bhp (840 PS) available in the optional bioethanol version.

The company have received 40 orders since launch and are well on their way to delivering their first customer cars. The GTA Spano will be appearing at several events in 2010, but as yet we cannot confirm which ones – although we will share this with you as soon as we know.

When I asked GTA whether they had any plans to enter the GTA Spano in any future motorsport events, the answer was a firm no, although we can’t help wish that some enterprising owner decides to put it on the track sometime in the future.

After all, with such a rich heritage of competition in F3 and International GT racing it would be a fitting outcome to see one of these 99 cars contribute another trophy to GTA Motor’s cabinet.