We are full of admiration for the project started by Michael and Maximilian Stoschek to resurrect the Lancia Stratos using the most modern technologies and build standards, whilst still retaining the intrinsic chuckability of the original iconic car.

If you remember, Michael Stoschek is a collector and driver of historic racing cars as well as a successful automotive entrepreneur for whom the development and construction of a modern version of the Stratos represents the fulfilment of a long-held dream. Stoschek is chairman of the Brose Group of companies, the fifth-largest family-owned company among global automotive suppliers, so whilst New Stratos might seem a ambitious project for an individual enthusiast to undertake, Michael Stoschek is the kind of enthusiast with the means to do so.

Development of the car has been ongoing at Pininfarina in Turin, Italy since autumn 2008, and is nearing completion as it goes through final development testing.

WTTC and former Formula-1-Pilot Tiago Monteiro fine-tuning the chassis of the New Stratos at Balooco test track, Italy.

On September 13th, the final wind tunnel test was held at Pininfarina in Turin. The aerodynamic data already gleaned from the 1:1 model of the New Stratos, together with all the subjective driving impressions from the various test tracks, was compiled and applied to the optimization of the lift and downforce values.

The values optimised via the wind tunnel test will be applied to the calibration of the dampers and springs prior for the next test runs. In the coming days, the team of test drivers will review to what extent these modifications can further perfect the already excellent handling characteristics of the New Stratos on Balocco’s test and handling circuit.

Final Wind Tunnel Test, Pininfarina, Turin. from New Stratos on Vimeo.

The Brose-sponsored, Portuguese WTCC pilot and former Formula 1 driver, Tiago Monteiro, contributed significantly to the chassis development together with the engineers from ZF Sachs when the engineers visited the Balocco test track.