It’s becoming all the rage these days, Fiat recently got together with Faithless for their Punto Evo campaign, spawning a ‘Feelin Good’ special edition. Aston Martin being the coolest of automotive brands chose… Swizz Beatz for their ‘music edition’ special. Erm, Swizz who?

Just as “..if you need to ask the price, then you probably can’t afford it”, then I suspect Aston would say “..if you have to ask who Swizz Beatz is then you just aint cool”

Don’t worry, not being a hardcore fan of hip-hop music myself, I had to google him too.

To save you the bother, Swizz Beatz (real name, Kasseem Dean) is an American record producer, DJ, and rapper who is married to Alicia Keys. So what’s this got to do with Aston Martin?

Well, just last week on his Twitter feed @THEREALSWIZZZ he tweeted the following message together with a picture of himself next to Aston’s forthcoming supercar, the One-77:

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”center”]SWIZZ BEATZ & ASTON MARTIN IS COMING SOON RT![/blockquote]

Kasseem then followed this up a few hours ago with a photo of himself reviewing what looks to be a personalised Aston Martin Rapide in Aston’s design studio, together with the following tweets:

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”center”]

@astonmartin & therealswizzz is about to put something on the streets you can’t deny! coming soon follow @astonmartin

FOLLOW @astonmartin to see what we have coming to the streets

getting my design on let go @astonmartin @audemars @Reebok @basquiat it’s time grow people……..#grindtime



Well I guess we’ll find out soon, but I suspect Aston will have to double their PR efforts to explain (to non-Americans at least) who exactly Swizz Beatz is and why they’re working together.

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Steve Davies

Steve is an investor, private equity advisor and former Partner at KPMG, PwC and Bain.   Most importantly he's a life-long car enthusiast, mountain biker and active sports enthusiast. He designs and builds technology platforms and is the architect behind Transmission.

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