How much would you pay for the smell of success? £50 or £60? How about £3,000? Because that’s what it will cost to buy just 40ml of ‘Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition’ Eau de Parfum, complete with its ‘Flying B’ lid.

It’s Bentley’s first luxury fragrance range for men that brings together French crystal maker Lalique and the luxury British car company.

Thankfully, if you can’t quite stretch to £3,000 for a spot of body freshener, there’s the ‘Bentley for Men’ and ‘Bentley for Men Intense’ range available in a choice of Eau de Toilette, Intense Eau de Parfum, After Shave Balm and Hair & Body Shampoo. Prices range from £24 to £69.50, so there’s really no reason for not smelling like a gent’.


‘Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition’ has been developed by Mylène Alran, from the French perfume house Robertet, and is said to smell of fine woody notes and exquisite leather. Further notes are added by precious orris butter which adds a sensual and charismatic character to the scent.

The crystal flacon topped off by the legendary ‘Flying B’ Bentley mascot matches that on the company’s flagship Mulsanne saloon, although presumably it would look out of place if fitted to anything less stately.

The ‘Bentley for Men’ fragrances were created by top French perfumer Nathalie Lorson, from the perfume house Firmenich. They feature those must-have fine wood and leather notes, represented by cedar and patchouli, while the ‘Intense’ range is infused with aromatic African geranium and comes in a more practical shaped bottle.

Both fragrances will be available from April 2013, with the ‘Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition’ limited to only 999 pieces.