Last night renowned magician, Dynamo, stunned F1 pundit David Coulthard by completing a blindfolded, fire-laden run in a Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG… while blindfolded.

Coulthard first set a lap time of 38.57 seconds, which Dynamo then attempted to beat. Unsurprisingly he didn’t, but Coulthard was asked to predict his lap time before Dynamo tackled the track.

To make the challenge even harder, parts of the specially created circuit were set on fire, while Coulthard gingerly sat in the passenger seat hoping the pair would get around unscathed.

To Coulthard’s relief Dynamo completed the course without touching the barriers, but the really impressive feat was revealed when Dynamo threw a lighter on the track to reveal a lap time in the flames, correctly stating Coulthard’s prediction of 1 minute 25 seconds.


The video is currently clocking up plenty of views on YouTube, with just over 8,000 in the last 20 hours. Whether it will go on to become a viral hit is another question – that might be beyond even Dynamo’s extensive range of tricks.