Award-winning singer songwriter Lana Del Rey released her video for ‘Burning Desire’ this morning, the title song for Jaguar’s new Ridley Scott Associates film, ‘Desire’, starring Homeland actor Damian Lewis.

The feature film, which is due for release next month, was filmed in the Chilean desert during December and tells the story of Clark (Lewis), who delivers cars for a living, running into trouble after a chance encounter with a mysterious, young woman (Sossamon) in the middle of a lawless desert.

It’s a story of greed, betrayal, retribution, passion and presumably the new F-TYPE.

With today’s release of Del Rey’s music video, the pace of the F-TYPE’s market launch picks up a notch.

The music video was filmed in South East London at the infamous Rivoli Ballroom, a Grade II listed former cinema. The ballroom was transformed in the 1950s and is the only remaining one from its period which is still intact in London.

The venue’s eclectic mix of neo-classical, deco style perfectly complements Del Rey’s sultry style, although we can’t help wishing she’d ‘cheer up a bit’ when expressing her burning desire to drive an F-TYPE.. fast.

Perhaps I’m just getting old..

* * *

The making of ‘Desire’

During the making of the film, Jaguar and Ridley Scott Associates tried to share the film set experience with their fans. It doesn’t appear to have been successful, given the low view counts on YouTube, although in Jaguar’s defence the videos were primarily hosted on the F-TYPE microsite.

A spokesperson for Jaguar said, “Film sets have traditionally kept viewers out, but through crafted updates and content we will welcome them onto the set in an unprecedented way.” That’s true, but people engage with branded content for their own selfish reasons – in such a content saturated environment, it needs to be more than good (or interesting) to attract their attention and motivate them to share with others.

The videos are worth a look though. Button-hole cameras attached to the cast and crew provide insight into the work of stunt coordinators and wardrobe teams, while it’s interesting to see Go Pro cameras being fitted to helicopters and cars and how some of the film’s unique views were created.

First Published: Dec 14, 2012  –  

Jaguar F-TYPE – The Making of Desire: Part One

Ridley Scott Associates and Director Adam Smith in Chile’s Atacama Desert, as the crew begin to bring the action-packed F-TYPE Desire film to life.

* * *

First Published: Jan 14, 2013  –  

Jaguar F-TYPE – The Making of Desire: Part Two

Behind the scenes with Ridley Scott Associates and director Adam Smith as they put the Jaguar F-TYPE through its paces in the stunt sequences for Desire.

* * *

First Published: Jan 28, 2013  –  

Jaguar F-TYPE – The Making of Desire: Part Three

Award winning actor Damian Lewis and his co-star Shannyn Sossamon film their action-packed scenes in the Jaguar F-TYPE as part of ‘Desire’.

* * *

First Published: Nov 27, 2012  –  

Jaguar F-TYPE – Desire Teaser – in collaboration with Ridley Scott Associates

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