Which automotive company could you imagine launching a technology rich visual feast, featuring 3-dimensional oversized graphics and super-quick racing cars. Would it be Ferrari? McLaren maybe? Well, had we not already given the game away in the headline, you would be forgiven for assuming I was talking about one of these iconic sports car brands.

How wrong you would have been. Hot Wheels, the toy manufacturer, recently teamed up with digital agency Muse Amsterdam to develop this groundbreaking 3D movie, successfully projected onto the historic Sydney Customs’ House.

The visual delight features footage of the world’s fastest vehicles in a stunt ridden challenge, travelling through the Customs House facade and into a fantasy world – the graphics simulate the collapse of the building, as well as it becoming completely filled with water, fire and ice during the course of the race.

The spectacle was aired live in front of the Australian public in a spine tingling show, in which the notorious Hot Wheels Skull Racers shattered the facade of Customs House as they competed in the ultimate speed racing battle. The technical team behind the project (from Dutch specialists, PostPanic and BeamSystems) described it as a challenging project, because Customs House is not a flat facade, but contains lots of depth which had to be integrated into the movie.

The potential for these 3D projection approaches is vast, since viewers are not required to wear 3D glasses and can be projected onto virtually anything, so expect to see more of the same in a city near you.