Kia has announced its design study for next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show – a future B-segment contender, taking on the likes of Nissan’s Juke and Vauxhall’s Mokka.

The concept (without a name) hints at a possible future model designed for the urban environment, and is said to “combine a mischievous character in a robust and substantial yet stylish bodyshape”.

Kia’s press statement is about as comprehensive as a clue in a game of I-Spy, so we’ll have to wait until nearer the show before we know more.

The statement mentions: “(the B-segment concept) is born out of Kia’s determination to seek new compact-car options for the individualistic and demanding driver for whom size is an issue.” Which is a roundabout way of saying it’s a compact supermini-sized urban SUV targeted at discerning drivers.


They go on to say, “..the concept features intriguing elements not always associated with smaller cars and has been created in Europe with European tastes and expectations very much in mind.”

As usual, the press statement stresses that there are no plans for it to reach production and its appearance at Frankfurt will be used to gauge potential customer response for future showroom models.

You know how this tune goes – it’s the standard overture to the real meaning which is “unless customers really hate this car, we hope to put it into production in the next 2-3 years.”

All will be revealed (or at least the next clue) on 10th September in Frankfurt.