Which is faster? Man or MiTo? That’s the question posed by Alfa Romeo in a light-hearted social campaign run on Facebook. Olympian Iwan Thomas was challenged to beat an Alfa MiTo in a 3.8-mile race around central London’s bustling city streets, starting and finishing at Tower Bridge.

European and Commonwealth 110m hurdles Champion Andy Turner took the driver’s seat, with ‘pinpoint’ navigational assistance provided by UK Long Jump record holder Chris Tomlinson. The race was on, but who won? Find out below.


Man vs MiTo – 3D map

Follow the route taken by Man and MiTo, as they race each other through the bustling streets of London, courtesy of our specially designed 3D map. Who will win, Man or MiTo?

Man vs MiTo – Setting the scene

Meet the athletes and the car before their epic race around the streets of London. Who will win, Man or MiTo?

Man vs MiTo – The Start

We’ve met the competitors, now the race begins. Watch Iwan Thomas race though the streets of London as he tries to beat the Alfa Romeo MiTo, driven by Andy Turner and Chris Tomlinson. Who will win, Man or MiTo?

Man vs MiTo – The Race

Watch as the action unfolds in the third instalment of Man Vs. MiTo. The race is underway, Iwan and the boys in the MiTo are sprinting through the streets of London, but who will win, Man or MiTo?

Man vs MiTo – The Result

The suspense is nearly over! Was it Man or MiTo? Find out the result of the race and see if you were right.

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