In a move likely to please current Focus RS owners, Ford has officially approved Mountune’s new performance upgrade that will modify your current Focus RS to match power output of the recently announced Focus RS500.  Anyone purchasing this upgrade will then see their Ford Focus RS morph into a “Mountune Focus RS MP350.”

Having worked closely with Ford on the Focus RS500, Mountune’s announcement that an upgrade package is available to current Focus RS owners will please those looking for the performance of the RS500 without having to shell out for a totally new car.  For £2,195 Mountune will fit its new kit to your current Focus RS, comprising a larger alloy intercooler, new high-flow airbox, high-flow exhaust downpipe, improved fuel delivery module and a revised engine calibration of the current 2.5L Duratec RS unit.

The new Mountune parts

As well as bragging rights that your new MP350 matches the RS500, the fact that this aftermarket tuning package will not invalidate the warranty of your car is likely to also be a huge draw to potential customers.  Throw in that this package has been worked on at Ford’s test laboratories in conjunction with their boffins and wealth of equipment and the MP350 looks like one of the safest tuning investments one can make in today’s market.

Performance wise, the new upgrade will allow the MP350 to hit 60mph from standstill in 5.4s, 100 in 12.2s before racing on to 150mph in 35.0s.  V-Max is 165mph and a quarter mile is dispensed with in a brisk 13.9s, enough to win most traffic light Grands Prix.

John Mitchell, MD of Revolve Technologies (parent company to Mountune) is obviously pleased with what his company has come up, revealing that:

We’ve aimed to deliver the upgrade that all Focus RS enthusiasts have been waiting for, whilst retaining the manufacturers’ warranty, and benefiting from the numerous other perks that come with Mountune Performance conversion ownership.  The team has done a fantastic job in creating a conversion that lifts the already impressive base car into new realms of performance and excitement.

Owners can pre-order the kit here with initial fittings taking place through selected Ford dealers on a first come first served basis in May.  Do you think this package represents good value for money?