You may remember the first gold painted GT-R which was auctioned in late 2012, with proceeds going to the Usain Bolt Foundation. That raised $US193,000 and the winner will receive his special car during the next few months.

But not before ‘Mr Bolt’ himself.

Despite being originally described as a one-off Nissan GT-R, there are now ‘two’ – both painted in that two-of-a-kind metallic gold with a white leather interior.


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The handover event took place yesterday (May 5, 2013) at Bolt’s home training facility in Jamaica, which overlooks the mountains of his home country.

In addition to its eye-catching finish, the ‘Bolt Gold’ GT-R features a Bose audio system, 10-spoke Rays hyper-titanium forged wheels and an exclusive “Spec Bolt” emblem.

The visual specification of the car, including its colour and wheels, were selected by Bolt himself and the car delivered yesterday has been customised to suit Bolt’s driving style, based on the data Nissan engineers recorded during his test drive of the GT-R line-up when he visited the company headquarters in October 2012.

Bolt, who already owns a GT-R, is a Nissan brand ambassador and was appointed Nissan’s honorary “Director of Excitement” last October.

Interview: Usain Bolt Golden Again with Unique Nissan GT-R